Equilibrium Tri-Zone Brushing Boots

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The Tri Zone Brushing Boot from Equilibrium Products is a great value, super-stylish boot, perfect to use every day for hacking, flatwork and schooling. The new curved shaping is contoured to fit comfortably around the horse’s leg to provide good protection from brushing injuries, whilst looking modern and stylish. Made from high quality neoprene, it’s tough, flexible and comfortable to wear. The hardwearing outer strike pad protects against brushing injuries caused by knocks, bumps or abrasions. Can be worn on front and hind legs as required, with double or triple hook and loop straps for a secure fit.

Approx sizing:

Extra Small: Small pony/under 13hh - WIDTH (Cannon Bone): 16-18 CM - Height of Boot: 20.5CM

Small: Large Pony; Arab / LW Horse Fores (13h – 15h) - WIDTH (Cannon Bone): 18-20CM - Height of Boot: 23.5CM

Medium: Medium Horse Fores; Pony Hinds (15h-16h) - WIDTH (Cannon Bone): 20-22CM - Height of Boot: 25.5CM

Large: Large Horse Fores; Pong Hinds (16h-17h MW) - WIDTH (Cannon Bone): 22-24CM - Height of Boot: 27.5CM

Extra Large: Large Horse hinds or Extra Large Horse Fores (17.1h +) - WIDTH (Cannon Bone): 24-26CM - Height of Boot: 29.5CM