Kevin Bacon's Liquid Hoof Dressing

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Kevin Bacons Liquid Hoof Oil Dressing Complete with brush

Ideally suited to the varying British weather, Kevin Bacon Hoof Dressing comprehensively protects hooves

Prevents saturation from water infiltration in wet weather whilst also maintaining ideal moisture levels in dry weather

Maintains optimum internal hoof conditions, hooves are kept supple, elastic and split/crack resilient

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Dressing is also designed to guard against bacteria, forming a physical barrier that encourages healthy horn growth. A tar based product, it is enriched with 10% added vegetable tar

Using the same, famous formula but in an easy to apply liquid form, Kevin Bacon's Liquid Hoof Dressing is sold with an applicator brush included 

Providing lasting protection and support for all hooves, it is a tradition and trusted formula with proven beneficial effects